Meet PuPu

Welcome to the delightful world of Monkey PuPu! I’m excited to introduce you to our beloved YouTube channel “PUPU MONKEY FAMILY ” and, where we invite you to join us on a heartwarming journey into the daily life of our cherished primate friend, PuPu.

This is PuPu.

He looks so cute right?

Living alongside myself, my husband, and our two wonderful children – Mun and Nguyen, as well as paternal grandmother, PuPu has been a beloved member of our family since his early days.

PuPu is a member in our family.

Grandma takes milk for PuPu.

Grandpa and Mun play with PuPu.

What makes PuPu so special to us?

Since our family has raised PuPu since he was a baby monkey, PuPu has become an important part of our family.

Now at 9 months old, PuPu has become an integral part of our daily lives, bringing endless joy and laughter with his playful antics and mischievous charm. We consider PuPu not just as a pet but as a cherished family member, showering him with love and care just like any other relative.

PuPu can do many things

PuPu has feelings and love for us and he shows his care regularly.

PuPu brushes his teeth by himself.

PuPu helps me clean the house when I’m sick.

He eats with us.

He is always beside Nguyen.

PuPu goes to the beach with Mun.

He plays with Nguyen in the wardrobe.

Through our channel, we aim to share the heartwarming moments and daily life of PuPu with viewers like you.

PuPu likes drinking milk so much.

He also loves sleeping.

From his playful escapades to his endearing interactions with our family, each video offers a glimpse into the unique bond we share with our beloved PuPu.

We often take PuPu with us to picnics.

Whether you’re a dedicated animal lover, a curious observer, or simply seeking a source of joy and inspiration, we invite you to subscribe to Monkey PuPu. Join us as we embark on this extraordinary journey with PuPu, sharing his adventures and spreading smiles across the globe.

While accompanying PuPu, we were fortunate to receive words of love and encouragement from viewers:

It’s so nice to see the love that the kids have for one another, and mom you’re always so gentle and kind to your kids” –@tinasantos5845

I always see all the videos of pupu..i like his clothes very much…so comfortable that he can easily climb and walk in that clothes… love you pupu” –@anitashinde313

Pupu is just precious. His expressions & love for his family are priceless. When Pupu & Nguyen wear matching colors or clothes just melts my heart. This is a beautiful family. When I see Mun she gets more beautiful each time. Such a sweet soul like her Mom who loves her brothers & family. God bless all of you for the love you show each other. Love like that can be rare these days. Please always look out for Pupu. He loves all of you so much.” –@carolcaldwell8321

I love pupu with all my heart is the family is beautiful
Mom and dad your very sweet to pupu
I truly love this family
” –@gladyspellegrino8132

Pupu is so cute and very good boy help mom cleaning” –@carissasin4273

Pupu is so intelligent, I cannot get enough of watching him and seeing what he is up to next. He has a wonderful family that admire and love him and he definitely loves his mom and dad. What a lucky baby monkey.” –@coralsmith2293

PuPu is a smart loving boy…helping mom when she’s not feeling well” –@rosemarylopez9178

Cute Pupu love you and dad, enjoy your days with dad love you so much” –@latifahlatifah7981

Pupu is very good and always cares about everyone. It’s great that our little monkey knows how to take care of Mun when he’s sick. Pupu is so sweet and warm. Wishing Ma’am get well soon.” –@MonkeySugar

We are genuinely grateful for the love you show towards PuPu and our family. It serves as a great source of motivation for us to continue developing the channel further.

Yes, he is from Thanh Hoa, Vietnam
Monkey PuPu is a male monkey.
Monkey PuPu is 9 months old.